Biscuit Making Machinery

At the beginning of the biscuit industry, the concept of emergency food in long-term navigation or war began to spread in manual form. After the industrial revolution, due to the development of mechanical technology, biscuit production equipment and technology developed rapidly and spread to all parts of the world. Biscuits include cookies, soda cracker , pizza cookies and so on.

The main raw material of biscuits is wheat flour, and then added sugar, grease, eggs, dairy and other ingredients. According to the formula and production process, sweet biscuits can be divided into ductile biscuits and crispy biscuits. Biscuit is a common dessert, as a snack or diet, easy to eat and easy to carry, has become an indispensable food in daily life. Biscuit making machine is a new type of food machinery specially designed to make biscuits.

Production process flow :

Burdening→ stiring noodles→ Three-way roll noodle →Roll cutting molding (waste edge recovery) →Sieving sugar (sesame, salt) →Automatic delivery and baking self-ripening→oil injection→ cooling→finished product→packaging

Characteristics of the cookie making machine:

Biscuit production equipment production line adopts the technical essence of the same kind of products at home and abroad, combined with the latest design and manufacture of national conditions, from feed to molding, drying, transportation, fuel injection, cooling, waste recovery and other mechatronics automatic completion, can produce the most closed fashion cake in the market. The auxiliary machine part of the equipment, because it has the functions of automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, weighing, automatic fuel injection, cooling and so on, is also especially suitable for baking all kinds of cakes, moon cakes, bread, peach pastry and other foods, which can be compared with the food made by imported equipment.

The biscuit making equipment has the advantages of good color and flavor, high output, energy saving, reasonable structure, simple operation and high degree of automation.

The choice of biscuit making equipment can make your products up to the grade, up to the level, in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, and bring you good economic benefits. It is a good project for the development of the tertiary industry by self-management, government organizations and quarry enterprises with less investment, less risk and quick effect. Biscuit production line from feed to molding, transportation, waste recovery, baking, fuel injection, cooling and other mechatronics automatic completion, biscuit thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily, mechanical transportation speed can be fast or slow stepless speed regulation, and has a series of devices, such as full self-control temperature, leakage automatic power off alarm and so on.

After-sales services:

  1. Provide you with professional consultation on market, equipment, process, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging and so on.
  2. Assist you in equipment selection, process design, plant optimization layout, if necessary, door-to-door service.
  3. The compensation scheme of raw material change can be designed for your product, and the on-site demonstration can be carried out. Provide all kinds of basic formulas.
  4. According to your needs, we can carry out special design, manufacture and application experiments, and provide targeted training.
  5. Design a reasonable packaging and transportation plan for you, agent transportation, send technical personnel to install and debug, train personnel.
  6. Equipment warranty for one year, long-term discount, supply of spare parts