Effect of Expanded Food on physical development of infants and children

As a kind of leisure food, the puffed food has been in the people’s life for a long time, because of its unique taste, a wide variety of features, it is popular with the consumer, making it gradually occupy a place in the food market.

In recent years, a variety of puffed food, external packaging attracts people’s attention, rich and unique taste, advertising intensity and other characteristics to attract consumers of all ages, especially infants and children.


The puffed food tastes crispy and has a certain hardness. Teeth are organs that sense hardness. Because most of the people who eat puffed food are infants and children, their teeth are in the deciduous and mixed teeth stage, during which they are faced with growing teeth and tooth replacement.Baby teeth began to germinate, this stage has begun to add supplementary food, too fine supplementary food can not give gums physiological stimulation, resulting in slow eruption of deciduous teeth; Baby teeth began to grow permanent teeth, this stage has begun to add supplementary food, too fine supplementary food can not give gums physiological stimulation, resulting in slow eruption of deciduous teeth; During the stage of changing teeth, the permanent teeth have been developed, but the deciduous teeth will not“give up” , forcing the permanent teeth to grow out of the tongue or lip side of the deciduous teeth, resulting in irregular arrangement of the permanent teeth.

With the development of society, parents dote too much on their children, thinking that slightly hard food will burden their children’s teeth, so they give their children food that is too fine and have no hardness, and do not give physiological stimulation to their teeth for a long time, which ultimately leads to the phenomenon of stagnation of deciduous teeth. Teeth produce occlusal force when chewing food, which refers to the force borne by the periodontal tissue when the upper and lower teeth are occlusal. Wang Yalin et al. obtained the maximum occlusal force at different dental stages when studying the occlusal force of children. When measuring the crisp brittleness of leisure food by physical property tester, the hardness of different leisure food was obtained. It can be seen that the strength of teeth is much greater than the hardness of daily food, and the hardness of puffed food is within the range that children’s teeth can bear.

The hardness of puffed food is beneficial to the physical development of infants, so when developing puffed food, especially for children of different ages, we must pay attention to the development of puffed food of corresponding hardness for children of different ages. Our puffed snack equipment is strictly controlled in all respects, and you are welcome to choose and purchase.

The main characteristics of puffed food machinery:

1.The model is novel in design, compact in structure and high in production efficiency.

2.And the operation is reliable, firm and durable, the failure rate is low, and the operation is convenient.

3.simple and convenient use, stable transmission and low noise.

4.The main part is made of special alloy material through heat treatment, has long service life and low production feed cost.

5.Dry expansion process, self-heating mode, no need for steam system.

In the rapid development of social life, with the continuous improvement of economic level, the demand for leisure snacks is increasing. Moreover, puffed food is completed at high temperature and reduces the loss of nutrients, so it can be used as an extra-meal nutritional supplement. In addition, some product are added with nutrient substances such as protein, vitamin and the like, so that the effect of strengthening the nutrition of the food is achieved, and the nutritional requirement of people is supplemented as a human nutrition enhancer.

So, to buy the puffed food equipment, to develop the puffed food business will not let you down!