Take you to the Cereal Bar Making Machine

Cereal bar, also known as sandwich rice snack, is a kind of rice leisure food made from various coarse grains (rice, corn, black rice, black beans, red beans, mung beans, millet, sorghum, etc.) according to different processes and formulas. It has crisp taste, rich rice flavor, rich nutrition, suitable for all ages.

 The grain bar making machine is an expanding extrusion equipment, which can complete the whole process from raw material preparation, extrusion, core filling, molding, cutting, spraying, seasoning to finished products at one time. The whole machine can be continuously produced without any manual connection in the middle, realizing the real full-automatic and intelligent operation.

There are many types of cereal bar making machine, flexible configuration, wide range of raw materials, and many kinds of products. In addition to sandwiched rice snack, it can also produce products such as guoba, maixiang chicken flavor block, nutritional breakfast, core rice cake, corn flake, etc. Frequency conversion adjustment, accurate cutting size, high molding rate. Simple operation, no need of extra labor, can reduce the cost of labor, through changing the mold and production process, can better produce the popular puffed food in the market. The equipment has the advantages of small floor area, strong adaptability, no noise, dust and other serious pollution in the production process, safety and environmental protection, less investment and fast income.

Grain bar making machine

The cereal bar making machine takes all kinds of coarse grains as raw materials and uses the twin-screw extruder to produce hollow rolls and cakes through strong extruder. The filling machine infuses filling materials of different flavors such as cream, chocolate and peanut butter into the machine to produce puffed rice snack with different shapes. The extruded sandwich roll and cake can be rolled, cut directly, opened or sealed. Feeding, extrusion, filling, molding, baking and spraying are all produced by assembly line, and various shapes of extruded food can be produced by changing the mold.

Grain bar making machine has the following features:

1.Feeding, rotary cutting and main drive all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, which has strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

2.The screw is made of alloy material through special process, durable and long service life; the segmented combined screw is applicable to a wide range of raw materials and products;

3.The automatic lubrication system reduces the mechanical energy consumption and prolongs the service life;

4.The feeding system adopts double helix forced feeding, feeding evenly and widely;

5.Linear bearing tool adjusting system, accurate and fast tool adjustment, high molding rate, less waste;

6.Double helix has the function of self-cleaning, no need to disassemble the screw rod for cleaning when shutdown, more reasonable and convenient to use the equipment;

7.Visual automatic temperature control system to make the temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate;

8.Different screw and length-diameter ratio can satisfy different production technology.

The puffed cereal bar is crisp and easy to digest, with unique fragrance and easy to carry. It is an ideal leisure food for consumers. We believe that this equipment can bring rich profits to food manufacturers!