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Cereal bars, also known as sandwich rice snack, are brittle foods with a smooth texture and rich grain flavor, made by puffing machines. As a convenient and nutritious food, cereal bars (stuffed rice snack) soon entered the homes of millions of people. Usually with corn flour, rice flour, flour, soybean flour as the main raw materials, from the ingredients, extrusion, puffing, molding, sandwich, cutting, baking, spraying seasoning to the finished products completed in one time, fully automated.

The production line of grain bar making machine has many characteristics, such as many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, a wide range of raw materials, a variety of products, simple operation and so on. By changing different molds and changing the production process can produce a variety of puffed food popular in the market, suitable for all kinds of food manufacturers.

Grain bar making machine

  What are the advantages of our cereal bar making machine?

1.Feeding, rotary cutting and main drive all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, which has strong power, stable operation and energy saving;

2.The screw is made of alloy material by special process and has long service life. Sectional combination screw, suitable for a wide range of raw materials, more diverse products;

3.The automatic lubrication system reduces the mechanical energy consumption and prolongs the service life;

4.The feeding system adopts double helix forced feeding, feeding evenly and widely;

5.Linear bearing tool adjusting system, adjust the tool accurately and quickly;

6.Double helix has self-cleaning function, more reasonable and convenient to use the equipment;

7.Visual automatic temperature control system, to make the temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters;

8.Different screw and length-diameter ratio can satisfy different production technology.

sandwich rice snack produced by our company equipment

sandwich rice snack produced by our company equipment

There are many types of production, available for different production needs.

There are many types of production, available for different production needs.

  What services can we provide for you?

  • 1.Provide various basic formulations;
  • 2.A variety of shapes to choose from;
  • 3.Free installation and debugging;
  • 4.Responsible for training personnel;
  • 5.Free warranty;
  • 6.24 hours online consultation, one-to-one solution to your questions.
Grain rod production line

Grain rod production line

Double-screw extruder

Double-screw extruder

  Production process:

Grinding → mixing → conveying → high temperature extrusion → core injection → shaping and cutting → conveying → drying → spraying (seasoning) → (packaging)

  Device parameters:

Name: cereal bar making machine (alias: sandwich rice snack equipment)

Type: puffing machine




Net weight:100t

If you have other needs for the grain bar machine, our designers can design the scheme for you according to your needs.

  What are the reasons for choosing us?

We are a large enterprise specializing in the production of various extruding equipment, with the continuous efforts of professional engineers and staff, we have been trying to develop new machinery. Purchase of mechanical equipment, please choose the machinery manufacturers with advantages of good quality, easy to operate, environmental protection and energy saving, good service. If you have any technical problems with the grain bar machine, please contact us, we will provide the most professional technical guidance.

In recent years, our machines have also been exported to many countries: Algeria, Egypt, India, Dominica, Zambia, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc.

An enthusiastic Australian customer bought a cereal bar making machine from our company. We delivered the machines within the agreed delivery period and sent our elite engineers to install them, providing perfect service and high quality machines, and they expressed their delight in choosing us.

A photo of the engineer with an Australian customer

A photo of the engineer with an Australian customer

If you are interested, please contact us for more details. I look forward to cooperating with you.

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